A little glance at my animation routine

I’m not a super professional character animator myself, but once in awhile I got to move some bones. When it comes to realistic biped animation, it’s very usefull to have a nice reference at hand, and often it’s much more faster to just grab a camera and DIY

And – yes, I put on a colander.

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  1. Franzstadt - 29/12/2018 Reply

    I see, thanks.
    Looks like some sort of motion capture – with invisible sensors :).

  2. Franzstadt - 29/12/2018 Reply

    Looks good! Would you explain your workflow a bit more?

    • Sergey Metelskiy - 29/12/2018 Reply

      Oh, there’s actually nothing to fancy here. You just put a video reference as a background image in the viewport and animate everything frame by frame. So, practically it is a good ol’ roto animation

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