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Since the advent of ChatGPT into our lives, as someone who strives to stay “on top of” information technology (at least within my professional field), I actively try to keep track of and explore everything related to the application of neural networks in everyday life. Personally, neural networks help me not only quickly find interesting dinner recipes, entertaining tv series, or smoothly translate text into another language (by the way, I also wrote this text in my native language, even though my English is generally pretty decent), but for the past six months, they have significantly reduced the time and effort spent on mundane tasks, making me a more efficient worker. For instance, I often turn to ChatGPT to write code snippets for my scripts. And when combined with Control Net, Stable Diffusion is an absolute godsend for lightning-fast prototyping of concept art and visual ideas.

Yesterday, I discovered yet another practical use for modern services! Anyone who has written articles for a website or a blog knows how time-consuming the writing process can be, even if you are a touch typist. Speaking the text out loud will always be faster anyway (unless you’re mute or have some specific brain injury, of course). So, in my previous article, I simply spoke into the microphone for a few minutes, then uploaded the resulting audio file to Riverside’s service page, and almost instantly received a neat textual transcription of my audio file, complete with near-perfect spelling and punctuation. Next, I just asked ChatGPT to translate the text from my native language to a literate conversational English, and voilà! The article for the website was ready! Yes, I made a few manual adjustments to a couple of phrases, but the entire process from voice recording to the final text took about 10 minutes. We truly live in amazing times!

To achieve complete happiness, only the ability for the neural network to create the necessary images and format the article for the website is missing. However, I am pretty sure that somewhere, someone has already come up with such a service.

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