From rainy russia to sunny Italy

Finished an interesting project a few weeks ago. Got to work on set as a VFX supervisor and then did a lot of CG and postproduction in a short timespan.
Also, this is the first commercial project accomplished with the help of Blender 2.8

Here's final result

Interesting detail is that most of these shots of beautiful sunny landscapes and pool parties were shot in october, in, like +5 celsius, often in rain, in North-West russia. As you guessed – it was my job to turn this gray sadness into something appealing and cheerful


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One of the most interesting shot was the one with Vespa. It was shot at the golf field near sunset, just a few minutes before it got to dark to shoot. 

On post it was tracked in Blender, than tracking data was exported in After Effects. Rotoscoping for characters done in Mocha. Everything above front wheel cut off completely and replaced with a new background, which is a combination of camera mapping, matte painting and some “true” 3D made and rendered in Blender 2.8, using Eevee

Mid-plane for Vespa shot was rendered straight out of Eevee

Another interesting shot is the one on the kitchen. The only things real in this shot are the actor and the table with everything on it. Location itself had to be created in 3D from scratch. For optimization sake almost every asset, excluding furniture was taken from Blendswap. Final render done with cycles

In total, out of 11 shots – 9 of 'em are somehow CG'ed.

Finally, for the packshot, our client decided to go with full CG sausage. For that, a detailed model of the sasuage was created, based on a given reference. In a process of creative search it went through quite a few revisions


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And that's it. With a very humble budget slightly above 1k US dollars and just a couple of weeks on making 90% of all CG all alone, I got myself a nice little interesting case for my portfolio.

I hope you found this post interesting. Leave your comment and questions down in the comment section!

Happy Blending!

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