Hand-painted textures in Blender 2.8

Just gave a try to a texture paint feature in Blender 2.8. Also, this is actually my first serious attempt a stylized hand-painted look. Here’s what I’ve got in the end

Frankly told, texture painting mode isn’t that much different from the one in 2.7x, except it’s superbuged at the moment. I can’t give a count to how much blender just crashed on me after another Ctrl+Z. Well, it’s beta after all 🙂

Oh, and the whole thing rendered with Eevee

Some more snapshots

Lantern Viewport 05jpg
Lantern Viewport 06
Lantern Viewport 04
Lantern Viewport 03
Lantern Viewport 02
Lantern Viewport 01
Lantern Itself 02
Lantern Itself 01
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