Quick Tip #4: Go procedural

When creating an asset, whether it be a game prop or a character rig try to use so called procedural approach to perform as many steps as you can. For example, talking about Blender, when you need to bevel some edges of your model, instead of using bevel operator try to use bevel modifier, which generates new geometry in a non-destructive manner, thus allowing you to tweak bevel parameters and get a different result at any time during asset development.

Yes, procedural approach requires you to plan your workflow more thoughtfully, but gives you much more flexibility in return. Some of the most advanced CG-related software, such as Houdini utilize fully procedural workflow, where literally every single manipulation with some dataset remains tweakable and undoable at all times.

And just to clarify, procedural doesn’t necessary imply using nodes (these allow you to manipulate data non-linearly). As I mentioned – modifiers and constraints are particular case of procedural operation, as well as adjustment layers in AE & PS.

So, be efficient – try to rebuild your workflow to be a bit more procedural and non-destructive 🙂

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