Welcome to Blenderust!

Good day, everyone! Sergey Metelskiy here, and welcome to Blenderust.com

Finally! After 6+ years in my professional career, and 14+ years since I have a personal computer I’ve made myself a brand new web site / blog / portfolio.

To be honest, until this year I thought that updating my snowreel on youtube once per 1-2 years is sufficient to stay afloat in CG business. And, well… it actually is.  But at this point in my career I just felt an urgent need to share my knowledge with community more efficiently and more often. So that’s why I decided to “fire all guns” and created this website along with twitter and facebook accounts and new youtube channel – all under project named Blenderust.

Here you will find Blender related tutorials, quick tips, and all the bits of CG related information I’ll find important enough to share with the world 🙂 And in the near future something more.

So feel free to join Blenderust, stay tuned for new content, and, of course, don’t be shy to leave some feedback. With your help I’m eager to get better!

Happy blending!

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